Collaboration and Team


  • Daragh Byrne (School of Architecture, CMU)

    DARAGH BYRNE is an associate teaching professor at the School of Architecture at CMU, with a courtesy appointment in the School of Design. Daragh’s teaching and research involves building systems to ask questions about emerging media and what it means for human experience. This is currently focused on personal data and the internet of things.

  • Dan Lockton (Industrial Design, TU Eindhoven)

    DAN LOCKTON is assistant professor in Industrial Design at TU Eindhoven; he was assistant professor at CMU School of Design (2016–20). Dan also leads the Imaginaries Lab, a research-through-design studio supporting people’s imagining—new ways to understand, and new ways to live — with a focus on environmentally and socially beneficial transitions.


  • Matthew Cruz (Information Systems)

    MATTHEW CRUZ is an undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems. With a strong background in game design and human computer interaction, his work strongly focuses on designing and developing enjoyable experiences for multiple platforms including VR. He’s particularly interested in the use of gamification in the contexts of work and education.

  • Anuprita Ranade (School of Design)

    ANUPRITA RANADE is a master’s student at the CMU School of Design. Her design practices focus on curating meaningful experiences that empower people and communities. Her past work encompasses a wide variety of design projects including industrial design, UX and UI design and design research. Her current and previous work includes designing tools and frameworks around reproductive health and wellbeing to create equitable spaces for menstruators.

  • Gordon Robertson (Mechanical Engineering)

    GORDON ROBERTSON is a master’s student in mechanical engineering at CMU. He is interested in design, thermal design, and additive manufacturing. His previous work includes designing quadcopters, working in VR, and 3D printing aluminum parts.

  • Karen Escarcha (School of Design)

    KAREN ESCARCHA is a psycholinguist turned interdisciplinary designer. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree at CMU School of Design. Drawing on her experience as an immigrant and her work in education policy, she is interested in the intersection of design, emerging technology, and social impact.

  • Yiwei Huang (School of Design)

    YIWEI HUANG is a master’s student at CMU School of Design. Prior to CMU, she holds a bachelor degree in architecture and has worked in the field of new media art. Her design focuses on bringing immersive experience with interactive technology to people in daily lives. She is currently working on designing expressive social presence in online collaborations.

  • Katherine Giesa (School of Architecture )

    KATHERINE GIESA is a master’s student studying Computational Design in the School of Architecture. With a background in urban studies and math, she’s interested in all things geospatial! In particular, these days she’s interested in computational perception and exploring flux through signal processing and sonification.

  • Lisa Yeung (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

    LISA (Yip Yan) YEUNG is a master’s student in Electrical and Computer Engineering at CMU, with a dual master’s degree in Technology Ventures. She is interested in wireless communication and product innovation. Her previous work includes wireless transceiver design, Bluetooth-related research, and innovation challenges. She is afraid of watching horror movies but Spooky Tech might be a great start.

  • Christi Danner (School of Design)

    CHRISTI DANNER graduated from CMU’s School of Design with an MA in 2020. Prior to studying design, she was a freelance writer and earned an MA in English Literature from Duquesne University where she studied film theory and modernist art and literature. She works at the Neuroscience Institute at CMU as a communications designer.

  • Catherine Yochum (School of Design)

    CATHERINE YOCHUM is a master’s student at CMU’s School of Design. She is particularly interested in designing for behavior change around waste and consumption. She holds a Master of Arts in Design from CMU and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Bowdoin College.

  • Elizabeth Wang (School of Design)

    ELIZABETH WANG is a senior student at the CMU School of Design and is pursuing a minor in HCI. She is interested in bridging the gap between online and in- person experiences and communications. Her past works have focused on designing for social media and user knowledge retention and learnings in the digital space. When she’s not designing, you can find her playing video games or attempting every art tutorial that exists on Youtube.

  • Meijie Hu (School of Design)

    MEIJIE HU is a senior student at the CMU School of Design studying hybrid environment design. She is particularly interested in the topics of experiential futures and speculative interaction design. Her past project includes designing a hybrid environment that allows customers to purchase products with their data (Tradery Cafe), and she is currently doing a HCI research project on designing AR remote learning tools for K-12 students.

  • Miranda Luong (School of Design)

    MIRANDA LUONG is an undergraduate student studying at CMU School of Design. Her design focuses on building immersive experiences that redefine people’s engagement with the physical world. Find her tinkering and exploring 2d and 3d technologies to build out these interactions.

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